Public environments

Everyone can benefit from Picto images – they make it easier to find your way around and our Picto images are us in many public settings: in schools, libraries, hospitals, housing for the elderly, sports arenas, public transport and other public environments.

Picto images can complement normal text signs in public environments – or replace them completely. Picto images can be seen in schools, libraries, hospitals, museums, public transportation and other public environments.

About formats

The pictograms can be downloaded in different image formats. You choose the format based on how you want to use them.

When you use pictogram images in public contexts, they should not be colored or have their text changed, to preserve their meaning.


PNG is suitable for publication on the web.


is appropriate for use on computer screens and on the Internet. Enlarging the images adversely affects image quality.


EPS is a vector format that can be enlarged and offers high quality prints. EPS images are good for printing and signs and can also be downloaded without text.


SVG is a vector-based image format. Vector based image formats can be resized without any loss in image quality.

Public information with Pictogram images
A medical centre