Learn more about using Pictogram in these guides.

Informational brochure

This brochure explains what Pictogram actually is and why Picto images look the way they do, and it provides tips on how they can be used. The booklet also contains answers about copyright issues regarding Pictogram.

Practical application of Pictogram

Guidance and tips for everyone using Pictogram.

Video - With Pictogram through life

This video shows how you can use Picto images to structure your everyday life and communicate with other people from kindergarten age through to adulthood - throughout your life!

You can watch a clip from the movie here

Movie clip: Windows Media Player
Movie clip: Quicktime

You can order the video on DVD.

Download requires a broadband connection. Burn a DVD from the file when it has been downloaded.

Video - With Pictogram through life (ISO, 1.3 GB)

Article - Spoken language, written language, pictures and Pictogram

It is a common misconception that you can guess the meaning of a Picto image. Images are always ambiguous. Just like other written languages, Pictogram requires learning, a conscious methodology and pedagogic support from those around you.

Read the whole article (PDF, 18 kB)

Reg. psychologist Anders Bond, article author